“The Journey Within creative workshop provided such an anchor. I felt as if I was taken on a journey of discovery in such a gentle, supportive and magical way. As I have since become clearer about my path, opportunities that aligned with this began to come my way (I was offered some consultancy in a school, to write a chapter for a book)…tangible outcomes as a result of the work I did at the workshop and my continuing efforts to be true to myself and my gifts.”

On Saturday 13 July, Pia ran a creative workshop on transition with an amazing group of women at the October Gallery in Bloomsbury. Pia took participants on a creative journey using visualisation, 3D art-making and story-telling to explore inner landscapes and activate inner resources. It was a very special day. Thanks to all the women who participated so fully and contributed to the session in such unique and creative ways. Here is some of their feedback on the day in their own words –

“Thank YOU for the amazing workshop. It was brilliant! And what a beautiful space you created, with flying carpets, royal poofs and the most splendiforous array of media to work with. It was like being a kid in a candy shop. So alluring, all of it.”

“The 3D image I created using the art materials revealed not only what I need to find my way through transition, but also added a deeper understanding to the transition I am in in my life. I have come back to the image many times since making it and continue to find meaning that supports me in surprising ways. This day is like a gift that keeps on giving.”

“I love Pia’s facilitation style. She held it so authoritatively yet so spaciously. There was plenty of room to dance and move with what was coming up, and to explore with each other in pairs or triads. And Pia threaded a twinkly element of playfulness throughout, so that we could take it quite deep if we wanted to yet always had a sense of lightness and freedom for balance. I did lots of personal work as well as shared work, and basically got tonnes from the day. Really useful.”

“I LOVED making my piece. What a wonderful experience it is to see that I can do quite wonderful creative work and have a good time doing it even though I think of ‘other people’ being more creative than me. I had so much fun, and experienced even a kind of spirituality.”

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