A third Women in Transition workshop took place this Saturday 2 March, 2019. Another wonderful group of women came together to explore life and work transitions through art-making and reflection. A deeply moving, sensitive session.

Here are some of our participants’ images and responses to the workshop:

“An absolutely lovely workshop. Led very compassionately and the space felt really safe.”

“Helped me look inwards, connect with the art and it’s therapeutic power, generating insights, and the group as a holding, revealing place.

“A safe and gentle group in which to explore art and my inner most feelings.”

“I learned how to work with the arts, about what I need for my transition.”

 “Helped me look within and see/feel my transition more clearly.”


“Really enjoyable and informative.”

Group poem on Transition:

I reached (inside the tin) and saw more clearly

These are the colours that I need. So close the darkness you don’t want, to what is grounding. The difference is a few drops.

Mental health – familiar, sticky tarr. Like these colours own their space.

Feel lot of optimism, play and resilience. Time to ‘look after’ me.

We don’t always see what’s in the darkness… let things ripen…

Safe container. Didn’t like the pink.

My inner child is my resource. I don’t know what it means.

Unicorn – being in two images

Ritual – Binding of women

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