Are you going through a time of change or are at a crossroads in your life?

Would you like to stand back and explore what’s going on from a different perspective?

Would you like some quality time to connect in with your creativity and intuition?

Book your place at the London Art Therapy Centre on the WOMEN IN TRANSITION ART THERAPY WORKSHOP

For women who support and/or hold space for others, this one-day creative retreat is designed to help you explore your own transition/s, personal and professional. In this art therapy workshop, you will be taken on a gentle creative journey to bring inner landscapes to life. A combined use of image-making and reflective techniques will help you explore old situations through new eyes and connect with your own inner resources. For some women, this day may also inspire creative ideas for their own work. 

Arts media on offer include a range of painting, drawing, textile and natural materials. No experience of the arts is needed to take part, although participants need to have done prior therapy, coaching or personal work, to get the most out of the workshop. 

“A really fruitful, special day… I feel as if this Women in Transition workshop should be part of every woman’s journey!”

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