A real pleasure to re-run the Women In Transition art therapy retreat on Friday 5 July at the London Art Therapy Centre. A wonderful, generous group of women came together to make art as a compass to explore transition. Here are some of their powerful images and insights from the day. A privilege to host women coming together, supporting each other.

“I just wanted to say how enjoyable and helpful the workshop ‘Women In Transition’ was. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to make space to reflect and gain clarity during challenging times.”

“Ended the day with a tangible feeling somehow more in touch with my core self… I am leaving with more than I came with.”

“I feel I understand myself better and feel calmer and more positive about the period of transition I’m in.”

Group poem ‘On Transition’

Trust in serendipity

Be motivated by love not fear


Trust the dance

Moss: feeling trodden on but moss dries

Making mistakes means you can’t go on

Thought (before): the web traps bad things, but actually is a home

I feel expanded: a heart opening

Layers of dynamic energy

Self exploration… in depth

Moths often burn

Dream catcher

Questioning am I good enough

I can relish the feeling of being happy

Security (containment)

Liberating feelings and expression

Life is never what you expect!

From rigidity to flexibility

The transition – it seems quite simple actually

It’s all part of trial and error

I feel like a bird

I’m beginning to dream again


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