Rest and Nest

“Pia takes great care creating an atmosphere that is open, welcoming and creative. She guides you to some real insights with great compassion and a gentle touch.” 

“I now have a much clearer idea of where I am in my life, what has happened to bring me here, and I can see a way to move forward, which I couldn’t before.”

1-1 Arts Therapy for Women in Transition

Sessions are designed as a “retreat” space to support women going through a major life, loss or work transition. Equally, it may be an issue or aspect of life that feels “stuck.” Women may be suffering from depression, anxiety, and/or relationship difficulties. Pia uses a mix of reflective and creative art therapy tools – image-making, guided visualisation, dream and myth-work – to help individuals express and explore their personal story and feelings. In some cases, this may involve supporting women to grieve and let go. During their journey, women may get in touch with lost, forgotten, and neglected aspects of themselves, including inner resources and hidden creative potentials.

All 1-1 art therapy sessions last 50 minutes and take place at the London Arts Therapy Centre in Britannia Road by Kings Cross station in Central London. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a 15 minute free consultation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pia here.

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