“The 3D image I created using the art materials revealed not only what I need to find my way through transition, but also added a deeper understanding to the transition I am in in my life. I have come back to the image many times since making it and continue to find meaning that supports me in surprising ways. This day is like a gift that keeps on giving.”

“An absolutely lovely workshop. Led very compassionately and the space felt really safe.”

“Helped me look inwards, connect with the art and it’s therapeutic power, generating insights, and the group as a holding, revealing place.”

Testimonials from participants on Journey Within – Women In Transition workshop.

In group-work,  the arts are used as reflective and creative tools to enable participants to explore life themes from new perspectives. In sessions, there are equal moments for individual reflection and collective sharing. Benefits include:

  • Connecting in with inner resources and creative potentials
  • Looking at life themes from new perspectives using intuition and imagination
  • Facilitating quality time-out for reflection in an informal, fun, learning environment

Workshops are often both relaxing and energising and an opportunity to meet a diverse group of  fellow travellers of life and learning. Pia loves to see workshop participants surprise themselves.

Pia will post details of upcoming workshops. If you already are part of an existing group and would like to book a creative workshop or retreat to explore a specific theme or outcome, please contact Pia here.

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