Coming Soon to Studio 34 – REWILDING IMAGINATION –

A new series of creative workshops to help women connect to their natural creative source and imaginative selves.

You may already be working in a creative industry, and/or feeling like you’ve lost connection with your innate creativity.You may feel like your imagination has been over-domesticated or over-harvested. Perhaps, you harbour a wish to develop your own creative practice, and/or the inner critic may be stifling or getting in the way of attempts. Or you may simply want to bring more creativity in your life.

Rewilding Imagination workshops are not technical art or writing sessions – you won’t learn to draw or write here – but they offer a safe space that draws upon art-making, creative writing, guided visualisations, myth and folktale to explore creativity without the focus being on honing product or skills, but rather learning how to surrender to the free flow process of creating across multiple art forms.

Abraham Maslow, the psychologist who introduced us to his idea of ‘self-actualising’ people, was deeply interested in creativity. He separated out the creative process into two halves. The first half was ‘creativeness’ – that creative flow when we have an active and healthy relationship with our imagination. The second half was sheer, dogged ‘mastery of the craft’. In ‘Rewilding Imagination’ workshops, we will be exploring the first half – ‘creativeness’ – that flow of natural creative energy that can enliven and improve our wellbeing.

In these upcoming workshops, a range of art forms are used as reflective and creative tools to enable participants to explore their own personal and unique relationship to creativity from new perspectives. In each session, there will be space for creating, individual reflection and collective sharing. Benefits include:

  • Connecting in with our creative source, imagination and wild nature in positive, life affirming ways
  • Understanding the nature of our own inner critic and ways to quieten and work around this voice
  • Expressing ourselves in an informal, fun, learning environment

Workshops are designed to be both relaxing and energising and offer an opportunity to meet a diverse group of fellow travellers of life and learning. Pia loves to see workshop participants surprise themselves.

Pia will post details of these workshops soon. Group numbers will be limited to 8 participants. If you’d like to register your interest, please contact Pia here.

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