In Ancient Greece, there were two concepts/Gods of Time; Kronos – chronological time, and Kairos – the god of opportunity, the right moment. Kronos is the Time we know a lot about. After all, our clocks measure it, our bodies suffer it, and it passes whether we acknowledge it or not. “Hurry up, get it done,” has become a modern day mantra.

Kairos is a much less familiar God… but one that’s worth knowing. The story goes that Kairos wore a lock of hair on his forehead, while the back of his head was completely bald. If you weren’t quick enough to grab his lock of hair on his arrival, you would be left empty-handed as Kairos passed… an opportunity missed.

It’s easy to get ourselves trapped in Kronos – our heads down, in daily routines, scanning our emails, performing our duties, ticking off lists. No wonder, we forget to look up and spot Kairos dancing in our direction. If we don’t want to miss Kairos, we need to keep our curiosity alive, our eyes open and remain nonjudgmental in the face of the new and unfamiliar. Kairos requires us to step out of our routine, walk a different road, speak to a new person. It asks us to expand our vision, not shrink it. Seeds of opportunity can come from anywhere, anything, but they do require us to engage with their potential. We must, of course abide to the rules of Kronos, but every now and then, it’s nice to dance with Kairos. That feeling when you’ve listened to your intuition, felt that spark of opportunity, of positive coincidence, is wonderful. If we can build a relationship with both Kairos and Kronos, life can feel much more alive and meaningful.

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