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“Working with art and objects made it much easier to see a situation from another perspective, maybe more objectively. I think I gained more insight than I could have through just talking.”

Arts therapy offers people a safe refuge to “journey inside” during major life transitions and/or periods of stress, depression and anxiety. Art forms give voice to our inner worlds, and in doing so can help people connect with difficult feelings, and lost, forgotten, damaged or neglected parts of themselves. Art therapy can also support the grieving process due to loss and bereavement. Along the way, people can discover and build inner resources and hidden creative potentials.

During sessions, I support you in exploring your story through a range of creative forms. We may work using metaphor or image-making, or we may draw upon story-telling, creative writing, myth or dream-work. You can choose from a range of arts and natural media –drawing, paints, clay, textiles, writing and sand-tray. In some sessions, you may prefer to talk only, which is equally valid. Theoretically I draw upon a range of humanistic, Jungian, psycho-dynamic and attachment approaches.

You don’t have to be an artist to find art therapy transformative, although many artists do find art therapy enlivens and supports their creative process. Whatever your age, gender, work or background, art therapy can bring deep insight and understanding to age-old difficulties, while offering new ways to engage with life and relationships.What makes art therapy unique is that it makes our inner nature visible, giving concrete form to feelings, beliefs and thoughts. It can also “show” us possible ways-out through conflict and difficulty.

Arts therapy sessions last 50 minutes and I always recommend to book a first one-off session so you can decide whether my approach works for you. Any questions, or to arrange a free 15 minute telephone consultation, please email me on:  pia@silverowl.org.uk

No artistic or creative experience is required to benefit from this approach.

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