Coming soon in Spring 2023 is a second series of Therapeutic Fairy Tales, created by Pia (author) and Sarah Pimenta (illustrator) from Social Fabric, published by Speechmark, Routledge (Taylor&Francis). This new set of stories explores how nature can support children going through different feeling states, anxiety, loneliness and OCD, with the aim of opening up conversations around feelings and personal life experiences. ‘The Waves’ is for children living with OCD; ‘Into the Forest’ explores anxiety, and ‘The Sky Fox‘ looks at themes of loneliness and isolation. 

Also coming out in Spring is Rewilding Children’s Imaginations, 99 Creative Activities Inspired by Nature and Folktales from Around the World. Following the seasons, this book offers a range of practical creative exercises that teachers, workshop leaders and parents, and can be used to help children and young people connect to nature and storytelling. ‘Rewilding Children’s Imaginations’ was written in a close collaboration with Sarah Pimenta, and children’s author, Tamsin Cooke, integrating arts education, teaching and arts therapy practices.

The previous set of Therapeutic Fairy TalesThe IslandThe StormThe Night Crossing, came out in August 2020. Designed to be used by care professionals, each fairy tale supports children and adults going through particular times of loss and difficulty, with the aim of opening up conversations around feelings and personal life experiences. ‘The Island’ is for children with a parent living with depression, ‘The Storm’, about the experience of parental separation/divorce, and ‘The Night Crossing’, about saying goodbye to life in the face of untreatable illness. In addition to the fairy tales, Pia and Sarah also created the Storybook Manual – an introduction to working with storybooks therapeutically and creatively, a specialist resource for care professionals.

Sometimes I Feel is a box-set of 48 illustrated story cards designed by Pia to help children and adults explore different feelings, both challenging and positive.  On the cards, a boy and a girl present some of the physical and emotional qualities of emotions such as anger, fear, friendship, jealousy, love, indecision, pain, calmness, tenacity, pride, lack of control, joy, insecurity and conflict. The story card format means that they can be used in  flexible and creative ways.

To purchase a copy please visit Sometimes I Feel: Routledge-Taylor Francis.

Sometimes I Feel cards

Published reviews:

“48 beautifully large illustrated cards…a practical resource which could be used in many ways.”
Who Minds?

“a really effective resource with children from Year 2 plus.”
Nursery World

“…48 beautifully illustrated, child friendly A5 cards…a great tool…easy to use with a variety of ages.”  Child Education

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  1. Hi Pia, I hope you are well. I was hoping to buy your Sometimes I feel cards but Amazon have run out. Is there another way of buying them?

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