Rest and Nest

Mondays 9.45-11.45am, London Art Therapy Centre:

REST & NEST offers a creative and reflective space to help Mums-to-Be connect with internal resources and build self-support before birth. This is an opportunity to meet with other women and explore your pregnancy together.

  • You may have been focussed on the practical side of motherhood and would like to tune into your deeper feelings in preparation for birth.
  • You may have specific hopes and fears you’d like to explore so you feel calmer and more ready to engage with motherhood
  • You may be looking for quality time, a retreat from the pressures of everyday life,  to reflect, relax and prepare for the birth of your baby.

NB: No experience of the arts or creativity is needed to benefit from this way of working. REST & NEST offers a non-judgmental space with no birth or feeding agendas.

Book a series of 6 sessions: Cost: £35 per session – includes all art materials and light refreshments. This is not a drop-in group so please contact me beforehand to discuss your interest and book your place. You can contact me on pia@silverowl.org.uk or 07968 542 061. REST & NEST takes place at the London Art Therapy Centre, Kings Cross.

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