A soulful, creative session where 8 women came together on Sat 19 May to explore life transitions through image-making and reflection. Here is feedback from participants and some of their powerful, transformative art pieces:

“A really fruitful, special day.”       

“Very insightful and moving day, excellent facilitator.” 

“I feel as if this Women in Transition workshop should be part of every woman’s journey!”

“A really lovely space to explore with other women what it is to be changing. I felt a deep connection and increased love for my recent emotional fragility.”

“Thank you for holding the day – I was very moved, something has shifted and I feel different.”

“Permission to immerse myself in the creative self and go with the flow.”

“I liked making the creative artwork, tapping into unknown parts of self and desires.”

“Range of resources, gentle facilitation, space to share and reflect and give feedback.”

“Felt contained and safe.” Ant1

“Enjoyed the process of exploring transition and inner resources, seeing the images together, and the interactions through pair work and plenary reflection. Wonderful.”

“It was enchanting.” 

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